photos:Christmas 1983


Albert and Floyd Alice and Jan and Chylene Andrea Ann (Kent Whipple) Annette Whipple
Arlyn and Jeanette Bert Whipple and Vicki Morris Bob and Family Children at Party
Christmas 1983-1 Christmas 1983-2 Christmas 1983-3 Chylene and Curtis Whipple
David Morris (Vicki) Dewey Jr and Brooke Tapp Dewey Sr Dewey Sr Dennis Jaci and Jaden
Dewey Sr and Ester Ester with Santa Gary and David Morris Illa Arlyn
Illa Arlyn Jeanette Illa the Director Jaci Whipple Jaden Whipple
Jaden Whipple with Santa Jeannelle and Steve Hooper and Rick Tapp Jeannette and Kim Eggett Jennie Lynn Whipple
Lee Freeze (Illa's GC) Lisa Morris and Jami Whipple Marilyn Whipple Mark and Lana Cluff Dexter and Deann
Nancy Whipple and Santa Richard and Mildred Sherri Freeze (Illa's GC) Stephanie Morris (Vicki)
Steve Hooper Steve and Jeannelle Hooper Terri Freeze (Illa's GC) Vicki Morris
Vicki and David Morris floyd
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